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Weldall Custom Fabrication Equipment List

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"Manufacturing Equipment you can't find anywhere else to build the prototypes you need!"

Plasma Fabricating Center

4400 CNC Whitney Max true cut plasma with up to 4900 pound plate capacity for plate up to 1" thick by 96" wide by 240" long. 16 pocket tool changer with 100 ton punch and tapping capabilities. Longer plate with repositioning.

Laser Cutting Centers

6000 Watt CNC Tanaka Laser Cutting Machine with a table size of 16.5 feet by 64.4 feet will handle carbon plate up to 1" thick and stainless plate up to 5/8" thick. Removable grid system to allow cutting of structural.

6000 Watt CNC Tanaka Beveling Laser Cutting Center with bevel on the fly capability a nd a table size of 12 feet by 45'. It will also handle carbon plate up to 1" thick and stainless plate up to 5/8" thick. Removable grid system to allow cutting of structural.

Flame Cutting Centers

Kinetic K5000 CNC oxy and plasma cutting machine with CNC machining head, 21 by 65 foot table, 2 plasma torches for straight cutting or bevel cutting, 4 oxy fuel torches, 24 pocket tool changer for drilling, tapping, milling, boring, and counter boring. 44 hp motor with Cat 50 spindle and coolant through spindle.

Kinetic K3000 CNC cutting center with a 10.5 foot by 35 foot table, single 400 amp (HPR400XD) Hi def plasma torch for straight cutting or contour beveling, one single oxy fuel torch and one triple oxy fuel torch for straight cutting, conventional beveling and K beveling.

Kinetic K3000 CNC cutting center with a 10 foot by 40 foot table, single 240 amp Hi def plasma torch for straight cutting or contour beveling, one single oxy fuel torch and one triple oxy fuel torch for straight cutting and conventional beveling.

Structural Fabrication/Cutting Centers

Prodevco Model PCR42 Advanced Robotic Plasma Steel Cutting Center specifically for automated structural steel processing.

Press Brakes

CNC Pullmax 1375 ton press brake with 30 foot bed, 49" throat, programmable backgauge, hydraulic front support brackets with followers, ram leveling, thickness and deflection compensation.

CNC Cincinnati 350 ton press brake with a 14 foot bed programmable backgauge and Auto Crown features.

CNC Cincinnati 175 ton press brake with a 12 foot bed & programmable backgauge , Adaptive Autoform and Auto Crown features.

CNC Machining Centers

SNK CNC Gantry center with 98" under spindle, 161" between uprights, and 325" of horizontal travel. Conventional and 4 angle heads from a 90 degree head to a center swing universal head, a 50 hp motor , a 65 pocket tool changer and a table capacity of 92000 pounds. Coolant through the spindle.

Toshiba Model BP-150.R22 boring bar with Tosnuc 999 Controller with a working envelope of X=160", Y=120", Z=60" and a Rotary Table size 70.9" X 86.6". Renishaw probe with calibration block, coolant through the spindle, a right angle head and an automatic tool changer loaded with up to 60 tools.

Soramill CNC (30hp) Machining center with Rotational machining head in 2 ½ degree inc rements, a 40 pocket tool changer and inspection and layout probes. X = 177", Y = 63" and Z =40".

Giddings and Lewis CNC VTC 1600 Vertical Turning Center with 78.7 5" swing, 98.43" rail he ight , process monitoring and probing, live spindle with through coolant. 44 hp motor and 26 pocket tool changer.

YCM TV158 CNC Vertical Machining Center with a table size of 34 by 67 inches, trave ls of X = 59", Y = 34" and Z of 29" coupled with a 25 hp motor and a 24 pocket tool changer.

Cincinnati Bickford Radial Drill Press with a vertical travel of 78 inches and a #6 Morse Taper.


Behringer CNC Bandsaw with autofeed, 60 degree cutting and opening of 41 inches by 20.5 inches.

Behringer Semiautomatic Miter Cutting Horizontal Band Saw with 20" x 12" capacity.

Dake Cold Saw

Robotic Beveling Cell

IRB-2600 Robot & Servo Track fitted with Oxy/Fuel and Plasma for beveling. Maxim um envelope of robot operation is over 15 ½ feet by almost 8 feet with beveling up to 70 degrees in materi als as much as 10" thick

Welding Positioners

A wide of assortments of Positioner styles with capacities ranging from 6,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds. Ransome, Worker, Bancroft, Multi-Axis, etc...


Dual Torch Seam Welder 35 feet long and an assortment of 60 + wire fed welders. Processes include Gas Metal Arc, Flux Core, Submerged Arc, TIG, and Stud. All welders are certified t o AWS D1.1 with many certified to ASME Section 9.

Fit Up Tables

16 Cast Iron Machined Tables with T slots and threaded holes of various dimensions with the largest being 12 by 27 feet. They can be positioned in various configurations and laser leveled to match weldment shapes.

Plate Rolls

A variety of Plate Rolling Machines with various capacities the largest being a ⅝ inch by 10 foot .


Acme Hill 125 ton punch with a 7 inch hole maximum.

Inspection Equipment

FARO Edge CMM - FARO Technologies revolutionary FARO Edge Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). This 7 Axis, portable measurement system features a built in touchscreen computer, “SmartArm” technology with metrology applications. The 12 foot spherical working volume and measurement repeatability from 0.0009 to 0.0025 inches allows for detailed, in-house, dimensional, confirmation of part conformation to specifications as required by customer needs.


26 overheads, consisting of, 1 five ton, 7 ten ton, 5 twenty ton ( one with a 10 ton aux.) , 2 fifty ton (with a 25 ton aux.), 2 one hundred ton (with a 75 ton aux.), 2 five ton gantry cranes on rail, 5 ten ton gantry cranes on rail, and 2 twenty ton gantry cranes on rail. In addition we have 58 two ton jib cranes over work centers to aid in local material handling.

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