weldall manufacturing offers laser cutting services with their tanaka fiber lasers

Tanaka Fiber Laser with Automated Material Stacker 12,000 Watt CNC Tanaka Beveling Fiber Laser Cutting Center with bevel on the fly capability and an open table size of 16 feet by 55′, with 16 – 10′ x 20′ plate size drawer pallet loader. It will also handle carbon plate up to 1-1/4″ thick and stainless plate up to 1″ thick, with inkjet capability for part identification and traceability. As a productivity enhancement the Tanaka Fiber Laser is equipped with an automated material stacker to process material continuous and light-out. The stacker has 16 drawer pallets, each pallet can handle 1″ thick plates up to 10″ wide x 20′ long. The automated stacker programming allows us to schedule each drawer pallet on the laser to work through job priorities.

Automated Material Stacker


6000 Watt CNC Tanaka Laser Cutting Machine with a table size of 16.5 feet by 64.4 feet will handle carbon plate up to 1″ thick and stainless plate up to 5/8″ thick. Removable grid system to allow cutting of structural.

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