At Weldall, we pride ourselves on doing the difficult work. Frequently there are situations which require welding of critical joints with full penetration welds, or welds that have to be made out-of position, either vertical or overhead. For truly demanding weld situations like this, our skilled welding professionals turn to flux cored arc welding.

Flux Core Welding Features:

  • Good penetration for critical welds
  • Versatility to be used in any weld position
  • Can be used for multi-pass welding
  • Preferred process for critical weld joints
  • Can be used with large diameter wire size permitting large welds to be made quicker
  • Good option for joining thicker materials

Flux Core Welding Process:

Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) is a semi-automatic process that uses a hollow-cored wire that has shielding flux as part of the wire. This flux helps to keep the weld in place for out-of position welding. The flux creates its own shielding along with the shielding gas that is used with the wire.

As the arc is struck, the wire, flux and base metal are all melted, but the flux solidifies first, protecting the weld, and keeping the molten metal in place. The hardened flux is then chipped away leaving a strong, solid and visually appealing weld underneath.

Weldall offers flux core arc welding services for their fabrication processes. Contact Weldall today for a quote on your application.