In today’s world there is a never ending need to increase efficiency. Automation and production line improvements are a necessity of global competition and Weldall possesses the quality and capability to meet these unique requirements. Whether it is your “in house” engineered retrofit to increase efficiency and capacity of existing equipment or an OEM requirement sold to industry, we can provide the turnkey solution required.

Some typical examples are:

Prototype Cancer Treatment – Heavy Gantry requirements we have produced are needed in the newest breakthroughs in Proton Therapy which will hopefully reduce and eliminate the side effects of current cancer treatment options and the re-occurrence of this deadly disease.

Oversized vacuum production chambers, sealed to hold deep space levels of vacuum needed to impart product to provide high efficiency glass. Heavy duty platen upgrades to improve production capability for plastic injection molding manufacturers.

Production automation requirements – For heavy duty automation, heavy duty weldments are typically needed to put the robots and ancillary equipment in the proper position to achieve the desired results.  If you can design it, we can build it.

Other Industries