Q: How large is your facility?

A: Weldall recently built a 76,000 square foot addition expanding our facility to 220,000 total square feet under roof. Our 13+ Acre campus will also easily allow for future potential expanded requirements.

Q: How large of a project can Weldall effectively handle?

A: Weldall can produce weldments and machined assemblies of just about any size. We specialize in medium to large fabrications with lift and manipulation capacity to 400,000 lbs. We have approximately 75,000 square feet under roof for processing, fabrication, and machining and the remaining 145,000 square feet under roof available for fit-up, weld, and final assembly. With crane capacity including multiple 100 ton cranes with 75 ton auxiliary hooks and 45 feet under hook, size is not an issue but rather a factor in our favor. There is also ample space available on campus for outdoor assembly and further future expansion.

Q: Can Weldall produce my fabrication start to finish?

A: Yes, we offer turnkey solutions and routinely build projects from drawings through final paint and assembly. Our component production bay cuts, forms, and machines all components. Our multiple, fit and weld bays are available for the endless combinations required to complete your project, to your specifications, including special crating and shipping instructions.

Q: Why is it special that Weldall routinely works on projects requiring assembly of hydraulic, pneumatic, and other mechanical systems?

A: All of our personnel possess different skill sets but they all include a strong mechanical aptitude. With that in mind, with your direction, we have the willingness and flexibility to handle your specialty assembly and testing requirements even if it is out of our typical area of expertise. We look forward to new challenges and the opportunity to expand our knowledge base.


Q: Are you ISO 9001:2015 certified?

A: Yes. Our facility has been Certified to the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9000 Series Standards for Quality since 2002. We renewed this status on schedule and are currently Certified by Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB) to ISO 9001: 2015.

Q: How does Weldall approach Quality Assurance?

A: In-process inspection augments our final inspection by one of our AWS Certified Weld Inspectors. An active QA program, supported by our quality manual, is in place. Quality Assurance is driven by customer specifications and will be taken to whatever extent the client’s application requires.

Q: What type of investment has Weldall made in Quality Assurance?

A: Weldall reinvests substantial dollars annually in all areas including quality enhancements. This capital is spent on additional inspection personnel, equipment, and training.

Q: What Government Credentials or Qualifications does Weldall possess?

A: NAVSEA (US/Canada), Joint Certification Program (JCP), ITAR Certified, and SAM Registered.


Q: What is your standard delivery time on orders?

A: As a custom provider it is very difficult to have a standard delivery time. Delivery times vary depending on the complexity of the project, the type or availability of the material and, of course, our current available plant capacity. We do honor all due dates promised upon order entry.

Q: How does Weldall ship completed projects?

A: Being a global provider, Weldall ships all over the world. Locally we use our own delivery vehicles. For worldwide deliveries, we use contract carriers of your choice, including rail via our on-site rail spur, commissioned in 2012.


Q: What types of welding processes does Weldall use?

A: Weldall uses hard wire, flux core, and submerged arc.


Q: What types of alloys can Weldall work with?

A: Weldall works in all varieties of carbon steel, manganese, stainless steel, aluminum, and Monel, among others.

Q: Do you recommend one over any other?

A: Weldall is not an engineering or design firm. Each alloy is designed for particular applications, which vary. We produce pieces to your specifications. They all have their advantages depending on application requirements.