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A Leader in Manufacturing and Community

Dave Bahl SR awarded the Don Richards Leadership Award from the Waukesha County Business Alliance.

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Weldall wins Wisconsin Cup with the Insurance Captive Group

We are proud to announce the winning of the Wisconsin Cup for 2023!

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Joining Forces with NASA

Weldall MFG is thrilled to join forces with NASA!

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Weldall Celebrates their 50th Anniversary

Weldall MFG is thrilled to welcome you all into a momentous year!

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Huge EHV Transformer

Weldall was honored and up for the challenge in developing this huge tank for SPX Transformer Solutions based in Waukesha, WI. This is one of SPX’s largest EHV Transformers they have built.

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Intern Provides Heavy Duty Support for IT Systems and Programs

Andrew Eng, completed an IT Internship for Weldall Manufacturing and assists in the development, monitoring, maintenance, upgrade and support of IT hardware and software systems.

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Waukesha West Showcases New Equipment For Precision Welding

A group of Waukesha West High School students Wednesday morning unveiled a powerful piece of equipment that school and business officials are touting as a significant step toward addressing the skills gap.

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Horning Students See How their Ideas Have Helped Manufacturing Firm

A lot has changed in the last two years at Weldall Manufacturing, thanks to the ideas of some middle-school consultants.

In 2013, students in Horning Middle School’s FLIGHT Academy — a multi-age personalized learning program—toured Weldall to learn about the company’s operations. They returned to school and brainstormed ideas for how the company could incorporate iPads into the plant’s daily operations.

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New Test Structures Will Have NASA SLS Rocket Hardware Feeling the Force

If walls could talk, Building 4619 at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, would have a lot to say about testing rockets.

The multipurpose, high-bay test facility has been a hotbed for all types of testing, including loads, acoustics, vibration, extreme temperatures, high-and-low pressures, and environments that simulate the cold, black conditions of outer space. More recently, it served as the hub for a series of large-scale “can-crushing” tests to study buckling in structures with the purpose of building lighter, more efficient and affordable launch vehicles.

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Local Milwaukee News Station Explores Space Inside Weldall

Retired astronaut Dr. Don Thomas and representatives from NASA took a tour of Weldall Manufacturing Inc. to get an up-close look at the structures built there.

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