The quality of work consistently produced by Weldall is no accident. The critical nature of the products that we manufacture demands it and if we couldn’t deliver it at a competitive price, we wouldn’t have the continued success that we have enjoyed.

“Quality is everyone’s responsibility and is achieved through continuous improvement.”

With the above philosophy in mind, our pursuit of constant improvement has resulted in our facility being certified by HSB to ISO 9001:2015 and achieving ISO 14001 certification. We have also proudly earned the status of “preferred” or “certified” vendor with multiple Fortune 500 manufacturing firms.

Even with the unique requirements and critical nature of our clients’ needs, Weldall still needs to make every effort to be as cost effective as possible. To that end, Weldall is also actively incorporating the latest in Lean 5S & Six Sigma principles throughout our facility to improve our efficiency in all processes.

In addition, Weldall constantly evaluates ongoing continuous improvement programs to encourage overall manufacturing improvement opportunities as well as customer-specific application improvements. Our complete commitment to customer satisfaction, from conception and design to production and delivery, results in actively following the procedures called out in our Quality Manual and leads to a series of checks, balances and, if necessary, changes to ensure precision production.

All welders are all certified to American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1 and our Quality Department includes one Certified Welding Educator (CWE) and four Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs). Weldall is also an ASME code certificate holder of the “U” and “R” stamp which allows us to provide pressure vessels, tanks, and any other weldment which may require fabrication and welding to these stringent requirements. Our Quality Department is proficient in facilitating the following customer-driven requirements.

  • Non-Destructive Testing and documentation including Visual Testing (VT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Dye Penetrant Testing (PT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), and Radiographic Testing (RT).
  • Dimensional verification and documentation up to and including 100% per customer specification.
  • Material testing and chemical composition documentation and tracking per customer specification.
  • Customer-supplied Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) verification and documentation.
  • Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR) documentation and selection as appropriate per requirement.
  • In process (hold points) and final inspections as required by customer specifications.

We are also extremely qualified and experienced at appropriate procedure selection and confirmation for varying materials, Complete Joint Penetration (CJP) welds, Partial Joint Penetration (PJP) welds, bevel welds, fillet welds, plug welds, among many others.

Weldall’s Insistence on Quality Assurance Leads to New Wire Partner and Improved Welding Operator Efficiency

FARO Technologies revolutionary FARO Edge Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). This 7 Axis, portable measurement system features a built in touchscreen computer, “SmartArm” technology with metrology applications. The 12 foot spherical working volume and measurement repeatability from 0.0009 to 0.0025 inches allows for detailed, in-house, dimensional, confirmation of part conformation to specifications as required by customer needs. This piece of equipment is another measure of the length Weldall will go to provide quality assurance.

Quality Policy

Weldall Mfg. Inc. and its people will meet or exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement and making quality and Customer Service its top priority.

Other features which assure quality are:

  • Weldall’s main plant is climate-controlled and air conditioned for employee comfort and production accuracy.
  • Purchased material traceability and control – Incoming raw material is certified and traced back to composition at the mill in order to comply with customer specifications.
  • Bar-coding throughout the entire manufacturing process – Accurate tracking of material as it flows through the various work centers assures that the proper material is used for every application.
  • AutoCad and Solid Works are the programs utilized by our programming group for electronic file transfer of your prints. This use facilitates accurate information, helps with the nesting or programming of your component, and confirms that component parts will fit up properly for final weld.
  • Just as there is nothing small about what we do, there is nothing standard about our software – Our process is guided by a specialized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, by Time Critical Manufacturing (TCM) software and we have a fully functional, archival electronic document management system to assure proper history is always readily available.

Government Credentials:

  • Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)—US/Canada
  • Joint Certification Program (JCP)
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Certified
  • System for Award Management (SAM) Registered:
    • CAGE: 3QLX5
    • DUNS: 066894551
    • NAICS: 332312, 332313, 332420, 332999, 332710