Technical Capabilities

Our team is armed with the latest in software and technical proficiency. They allow us to handle even the most complicated jobs you can think of. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software systems include Solidworks Professional, DraftSight, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and SigmaNEST CAD/CAM nesting software.
Fall Protection
Our FEA software allows us to build fixtures and tooling internally to avoid hefty lead times and cost. This capability provides efficiency and unique flexibility that we can leverage to decrease lead times to our diverse customer base.

Weldall uses SigmaNEST software to nest multiple like parts from different customers. Then they are processed on our CNC Tanaka lasers and Kinetic burn tables. SigmaNEST provides automated nesting and beveling solutions that increase efficiencies in both processing time and materials. Parts are identified by inkjet or etching on the CNC laser and burning machines. It helps in sorting and part identification. The beveling module provides multiple types of edge preparations reducing additional secondary operations and material handling.

The automated nesting module provides greater material utilization as well as optimized machine processing time.


Design for Manufacturing

We know how to make stuff. Our abilities allow us to take your design or ideas to develop them in the most efficient way possible with our years of experience and tools best fit for manufacturing.



We’re customer obsessed. In the true spirit of partnering, our engineering team will work with you every step of the way to help establish realistic expectations for product performance, price and delivery. As the essential “Voice of the Customer”, we ensure you will receive a quality product, that is on time and budget.


Reverse Engineering

Our team is equipped with industry leading 3D measurement and imaging solutions to capture a product’s “as built” status. Our engineers will extract the geometry from the scan and recreate it in CAD. When your job calls for reconstruction of an obsolete or outdated product or design, we are here to help.


Professional Engineering Services

Our engineering team can help with any aspect of your project including product design, development, drawing detailing, drafting, process review and analysis.


Business System Intelligence and Project Management

We use the latest in planning, simulation, forecasting software and tools to make sure every aspect of your project is accounted for. By using the latest ERP software, we have unprecedented choices and flexibility. This investment in technology allows for real-time visibility to our operations and schedule. It also provides instant access to our global supply chain and a single point of access to the tools and data our team will use to manage your project.


Plant Layout

Weldall can ‘go big’ and to prove it we have designed a scaled 2D and 3Dmodel of our shop floor. Having these models allows us to graphically layout the floor in a way to optimize workflow through the shop on even the biggest jobs.