heavy weldments, girder fabrication

$1 Million Savings

Weldall was approached by an existing client to provide some extremely large girder and trolley components for a very large overhead crane application. The work was won by Weldall until the shipping costs were calculated for getting the 192’ sections to the final destination on the west coast. With this length of girder, not to mention the extreme mass of the project being over 1.5 Million pounds of steel, shipping costs were estimated at over $2.5 Million, there did not seem to be much that could be done to retain the work. After reviewing the options, Weldall management offered a unique solution as follows:

  • Weldall would process the parts, fit up, weld, and test the full girder sections at their well-equipped Midwest facility.
  • The girders would then be disassembled into to two sections and shipped west at a much lower cost. Weldall would lease a facility on the west coast for receipt of the parts and completion of the work.
  • Weldall personnel would travel to the leased location, reassemble the girders, complete the final welding and test requirements and the full girders would go by barge to the final delivery site.

RESULT: Weldall retained the business but more importantly saved the customer over a million dollars.

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