weldment fabrication, efficient improvements, substantial savings

Efficient Improvements, Substantial Savings

A long term, trusted, partner of Weldall who is always open to suggestions to reduce costs, was looking for additional opportunities which would allow them to be more competitive in the marketplace. Weldall asked, and received permission, to discuss and review what the next process steps are for the client after they received the parts Weldall made for them. Among the opportunities presented was a very large electric control room that Weldall manufactured, the client shipped to their customer site, and then shipped all of the critical electric controls and cabinetry to the customer site for final assembly. Weldall reviewed the requirement and found an acceptable manner of pre-assembling the electrical cabinetry and controls in our climate controlled facility before shipment. Weldall has used the same assembly offerings for multiple clients for pneumatic, hydraulic, and other electro-mechanical systems and we are always looking forward to our next challenge.

RESULT: The efficiency improvements and lack of travel for multiple electricians and technicians allowed for a substantial savings for the client.

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