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Heavy Duty Welder and Fabrication

Large Scale Welding

It's hard for competitors to measure up to Weldall's capabilities for Large Welding Metal Fabrications. Some may be able to match the depth of cut but few if any can handle the sheer size (length & weight) of the parts that the large tables we have can accommodate.

We can cut up to 10 inches (expandable if needed) and execute heavy weldments in excess of 400,000 pounds, working with the heaviest metals available. Stainless Steel Fabrications, Carbon Steel, Bronze, Aluminum Fabrications and Monel are just some of the materials we are certified and experienced in working with.

Our fit up and final heavy duty welder areas are facilitated by up to two 100 ton overhead cranes, each with 75 ton auxiliary hooks, along with other 10, 20 and 50 ton overheads to move and manipulate components through the plant efficiently and in a safe manner. If you are looking for large stainless steel fabrications, then look no further than Weldall.

heavy duty welder, heavy duty fabrication companies, large scale welding

Weldall is proficient in the following types of large scale welding procedures:

Of course, when it comes right down to it, the real key to success at Weldall is the skill and dedication of our workforce. Without the men and women who possess the talent to meet our customers' demanding requirements, it doesn't matter what kind of equipment is on hand. When you have a team like ours though, the equipment does provide an advantage and the variety of equipment we use to produce product excellence includes a combination of Robotic Welders and Seam Welders using heavy duty welder processes like hard wire, flux core or submerged arc. At right, you will see some of the "extremes" to which we are capable in order to make quality parts that aid in the proficient and productive performance of your applications. You can also view and/or download our Equipment List for reference, if you wish.

Our AWS D1.1 Certified Welders fit up and weld to the specifications per our customer's drawings. Adherence to these requirements is assured because of "in process" and "final" inspection by our Quality Inspection Team of AWS Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI).

A unique feature of our heavy duty welder bay is our cast-iron machine bed tables for fit-up work. The extremely flat machined surfaces, coupled with "T" slots, allow the use of bolsters or uprights to improve the quality of the final product. Production fixtures can be built to your specifications, or we can work with your team on the design, to assure the integrity of your component.

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